As individuals in an ever-changing world, it is important that we continually aspire to engage with and learn more about different cultures, beliefs and faiths. We aim to instil our children with a strong foundation of knowledge, moral values, and a curiosity of other lifestyles and traditions, in order to aid their development as tolerant, empathetic and respectful young people.

Our RE lessons are rich and varied to enable learners to acquire a knowledge and understanding of Christianity and other religions through spoken language, reading and writing. RE lessons promote and reinforce our school’s Christian values and beliefs which are rooted into daily life alongside British Values. It is our vision to enable children to grow and flourish into good citizens who feel empowered to convey their views through discussions
and big questions about Christianity and the world around them. The Questful RE syllabus is closely followed with children immersed in Christian beliefs,
attitudes, practices and rituals. Children are also equipped with knowledge of other faiths. The teaching of RE promotes the children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and prepares them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life.
We recognise the importance of teaching children the parables, stories and miracles of the Christian faith whilst drawing on and using religious vocabulary and artefacts. During lessons we hold informed conversations about religions and beliefs in a safe environment. Children are encouraged to develop their questioning skills to fulfil a deeper learning experience. They are also given the opportunity to reflect on their own beliefs, values and knowledge. Displays throughout the school and the RE “Big Books” are used alongside individual books to celebrate work. Learning is enhanced through visits, visitors and celebration days. Other opportunities to reflect on learning and develop awareness and understanding are provided through whole school Collective Worship, Class Worship and School Council.


Mrs Sidat is our RE subject leader.

Having lived in several diverse communities over the years, Mrs Sidat believes that religious education is vital in developing our wider understanding of people and societies across the globe. She continually strives to increase her own knowledge and awareness through interacting with and learning from others of different backgrounds and beliefs; visiting culturally significant sites; and via various forms of media. Mrs Sidat works closely with Blackburn Diocese, attending local network meetings and working with our diocesan advisor. She also leads the RE workshop for our School Direct trainee teachers.


Year One went to visit the Hindu Temple in Preston, it was very interesting.

The whole school visits the Church regularly for events and services. Ever year reception class takes part in the Easter Bonnet Parade.

Every year for Harvest Festival , we collect food donations for our local Foodbank.

Super-learning days are another fun way to learn about religions, look at the photos of our Diwali super-learning day.

Curriculum Overview and Progression