Wensley Fold OFSTED Report and SIAMS Inspection Report

“This is an outstanding school in which pupils thrive. The rich curriculum, excellent systems for supporting pupils’ progress and consistently good teaching enable pupils to make excellent progress in their personal development and their learning. Parents are overwhelmingly proud of the school and recognise its many strengths. One parent simply commented, ‘We all love Wensley Fold School!’ This reflects the sentiments of many parents as well as staff and pupils.

Children enter the school with a range of skills that are low for what is typical for their age. They make excellent progress and standards are above average when they leave Year 6. Pupils with learning difficulties and those whose home language is not English receive extensive support of high quality and so they achieve exceptionally well. More able pupils are given challenging work to meet their needs and so they too achieve as well they can. In the 2008 national assessments in Year 2, standards were broadly average and pupils achieved well. Standards at the end of Key Stage 2 have improved each year from 2005 and have been significantly above average for the past two years. In the 2008 national tests, standards were above average overall and were particularly strong in English. Provisional results for 2009 indicate that the above average standards have been maintained. The school’s emphasis on problem solving and investigational work has resulted in improvements in mathematics and science.”

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