Children work collaboratively and discuss their ideas linked to a real life purpose asking questions to deepen their understanding of a topic. Key scientific terminology will be introduced each lesson and knowledge will be built upon progressively. Pupils will explore, plan their own investigations and learn practically through a range of scientific enquiry types. Science lessons will enthuse, motivate and challenge pupils understanding of the wold around them. Visits to and from science professionals will enhance children’s learning experiences and science capital.

Miss Greenwood is our Science Subject Leader.  She has a love of science and particularly enjoys Biology.  She is currently working with the children to achieve their CREST awards in science.

Science Clubs

We offer a variety of clubs throughout the school year, such as:

Mad Science Club

Gardening Club

Crest Award Club

Wensley Fold successfully achieved the Primary Science Quality Mark in 2019

Curriculum Overview and Skills Progression

Take a look at what we have been getting up to in our science lessons.