We want to encourage our children to develop thier musicality and musicianship. It is our intent to make music expressive, imaginative, energetic and fun. Pupils will progress each year and build on skills that they have been taught previously. They shall be encouraged to participate regardless of ability or gender and experiment with vocal and instrumental sounds. From the initial exploration of sounds and songs in the Foundation Stage, the music curriculum ensures children will sing, listen, play, compose, perform and evaluate. Children are taught technical terms as they progress and they are encouraged to use this vocabulary when discussing musical elements. We teach them to listen to and appreciate different forms of music. Children listen to a variety of composers across a range of historical periods. Our children further develop their musical skills during the first access scheme. They also have the opportunity to develop their talent through extra curricular clubs. Any child who is gifted and talented are signposted to these clubs. Our children all take part in productions and performances throughout the year which aims to develop their confidence and musical ability. We employ a talented musician to teach and work with our children in order to give them the best quality musical education.

Mr Bob Holland is our specialist music teacher who teaches high quality music lesson across school including guitar, singing, ukulele and drums.

Music Calendar


BBC Music Day


Christmas Concerts


Sing Together

Music Clubs

We offer a variety of clubs throughout the school year:

Ukelele Club

Sing Together

Mini Sing

Recorder club


Music Awards

We have achieved a Silver Music Award from Sing Up.

This is a fantastic achievement that every child contributed to.

Well done!

“It is clear from your evidence that you are using singing to support the full curriculum and that many staff members are confident to lead activities. Your video clips show a good level of singing from the classes and whole school. Congratulations!!!”

Curriculum Overview and Skills Progression


Sing together songs to practice – please click on the link below

We also have our group song to learn (‘When I Grow Up’ from Matilda the Musical) Please learn the words and practise this: