At Wensley Fold we aim to foster a passion and positive attitude towards Mathematics and to nurture an awareness of its fascination. Staff ensure they provide an environment in which an understanding of mathematics is acquired through a process of enquiry and experiment, with an emphasis on ‘have a go’ mentality without fear of failure.  It is our intention that all pupils build both competence and confidence in mathematics knowledge and also its concepts and the necessary skills.

We will instil a discipline which ensures a systematic approach to developing an ability to solve problems, to reason, to think logically, to work systematically and accurately.

We will provide a framework to facilitate the ability to calculate accurately and efficiently, both mentally and with a pencil and paper, drawing on a range of strategies. We place great emphasis upon the ability to solve calculations Mentally and always consider which method ( mental, jotting or formal written) is the most efficient, as well as effective.

We provide an interactive forum where pupils are encouraged to communicate mathematics, this deepens their own understanding as pupils need a clear grasp of a concept in order to explain it.

We actively encourage the application of mathematics across the curriculum, we pro-actively seek out opportunities for pupils to apply mathematics in real life contexts.

This intent is aligned to the Department for Education’s National Curriculum for Mathematics.


Mrs Rae is our mathematics subject leader. She has worked for many years as an advisory teacher and specialist leader of education for mathematics. She particularly enjoys developing fluency of maths with children in school.

The teachers and children in KS2, love to use Learning by Questions to enhance their teaching and learning, especially in maths. LbQ is a classroom app filled with curriculum-aligned question sets and immediate feedback to super-charge learning. It gives automatic marking and instant insight for effective interventions.

Curriculum Overview and Skills Progression