School Council

Every week we meet to talk about ways to improve our school and share ideas.

We work as a team. Each class has 2 School Council Representatives who lead circle time discussions to ensure that every child in school is able to contribute ideas to make Wensley Fold the best school that it can be.

Have you got a question? Speak to your Class Representative or write it down on the poster in your classroom. If there is a private matter you want to raise don’t forget to put it in the ‘ask it basket’!

We are proud to introduce our members of the School Council 2016

Muhammad Mulla

Yusuf Sultan

Sania Bhai

Abdullah Qamar

Mehek Ashiq

Fareed Raja

Haris Alam

Zahra Awan

Reyah Bhai

Hasnain Khan

Salahuddin Ahmed

Tanya Ajmal

Mohammed Nabeel Rashid

Jannat Faisal

Maleehah Khan

Yahya Dhukai