Welcome to 4T, Mr Doyle is our class teacher and Miss Duerden is our teaching and learning support.

In Literacy, we will be studying information texts with a focus on travel guides. We will be linking our Literacy work with our Topic work and creating a travel guide about The Amazon Rainforest.

This term in Numeracy, we will be converting units of measure, for example, kilograms to grams. We will also be looking at reading, writing and solving problems using time. In addition, we will also be studying statistics and using graphs and bar charts to solve worded problems.

In Science, our topic this half term is Animals including Humans. We will be looking at the teeth and their functions, moving on to the digestive system.

In Topic this term, we will be studying South America. We will be learning about the different countries that make up the continent. In addition, we will look at The Amazon Rainforest and the significant role it plays in the lives of the animals and the affect deforestation is having on the environment.

In P.E., we will be focusing on gymnastics and orienteering. Using our map reading skills to navigate around the school grounds.