Welcome to 4M. Miss Munshi is our class teacher.

In Literacy, we will be studying stories set in imaginary worlds. We will be investigating and comparing a range of  texts with fantasy settings, creating a fantasy setting and demonstrating how to organise a narrative into paragraphs.

We will conclude this topic by creating our own narrative set in an imaginary world, using the skills we have learnt throughout the unit.

In Grammar, we will be focusing on appropriate adjectives, comparative and superlative adjectives and adverbial phrases.

During this term in Numeracy we will cover a variety of interesting topics. We will begin with rounding, comparing and ordering decimals and swiftly move on to analogue and digital time.

We will then focus on being able to read and represent data through a variety of graphs and charts, which will also link closely with our current ICT topic.

During this term, we will also start working a lot more with worded problems.

In Science, we will be studying the digestive system. We will study the different parts and functions of each element of the digestive system, including the teeth and the stomach. This unit will be very interactive and hands on as we will be undertaking a variety of different experiments, including creating our very own mini digestive system to see what happens to our food as it gets passed through our bodies! We will also look at food chains and food webs to finish our biology topic off.

In Topic this term, we will be studying South America. We will begin by getting a better understanding of the countries that make up South America as well as the climates across the continent. We will then take a more in depth look at the human geography of the continent including areas such as migration, population and transport. As we explore our way throughout South America,  we will learn more about the Tropics, tourism and leisure and the many different cultures that make up this diverse continent.

In P.E., we will be be working on improving and developing our Athletic skills. We will focus on the techniques of throwing, running and jumping. Our skills will then be put to the test in a range of Athletic games including relay.