to year 4D!

Miss Dornan is our class teacher, Mrs Younis is our teaching and learning support assistant and Miss Littlefair is our Associate Teacher.

Year 4 will be studying some very exciting topics this summer term!

This term we are linking Literacy to our Topic work on the Amazon Rainforest.  We will be writing travel brochures enticing our readers to visit the rainforest using persuasive language.  We will also be using our imaginations by pretending to be a member of an Amazonian tribe and writing a diary entry about a day in the life of the forest focusing on our senses.  Myths are important to the Amazonian tribespeople so will be writing our own epic myth and creating fantastical creatures that lurk in the undergrowth!

This term in Maths, we will be studying the 12 and 24 hour clock, reading timetables and calculating lengths of time.  We will also be focusing on solving worded problems using the bar method and we will be working as statisticians through cross-curricular lessons.

In Science, our topic this term is Living in Environments.  We will be identifying various habitats in our beautiful school grounds and predicting what type of creatures might live there according to the habitats’ conditions.  We will also be identifying various trees, wildflowers and animals that are native to Britain.  Grouping plants and animals is also important so we will be looking at the life of Carl Linnaeus as well as grouping plants into flowering and non-flowering plants and animals into vertebrates and invertebrates.  We will take this further and begin to group animals into the five groups of vertebrates according to their characteristics.

In Computing, our topic this term is Hardware and Processing.  In this exciting topic we will look at when and why computers are used, understand the main functions of the operating system and know the difference between physical wireless and mobile networks.

In Topic, we are travelling to the South American continent and specifically the magnificent Amazon Rainforest.  In this topic, we will locate the countries the mighty forest covers, the layers of the rainforest and the strange and beautiful creatures that live there.  The Amazonian tribespeople are also central to the forest so we will be looking at their daily lives and how they contribute to the ecosystem.  Finally, we will be looking at ways to help sustain this life-giving forest both at home and abroad.

In P.E., we will be developing our communication and observational skills in our orienteering sessions.  We will be taking part in problem solving and survival activities where we will plan collaboratively in small groups.  Watch out, Bear Grylls!

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