to year 4D!

Miss Dornan is our class teacher and Mrs Younis is our teaching and learning support assistant.

Year 4 will be studying some very exciting topics this autumn term!

This term we are going to become investigative journalists where we will be compiling our very own newspaper reports!  We will look at the features of newspapers, the types and styles of newspapers and how to make them attention grabbing using a variety of literary and journalistic features.   Come back later to read our own newspaper reports on Wensley Fold life.

In grammar, we will be using powerful verbs, adverbs and appropriate adjectives to make our writing more effective.  We will also be looking at pronouns and prepositions as our study on parts of speech.

This term in Maths, we will be focusing on the four operations of adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing.  We will be focusing on the column methods for adding, subtracting and multiplying and the bus stop method for dividing.  We will be applying our knowledge of the operations to solve worded problems using the bar modelling method.

In Science, our topic this term is Electrifying Electricity!  We will be constructing electrical circuits, identifying and naming their basic parts.  We will be predicting whether or not a lamp will light in a series circuit by visualising and testing circuits.  We will be able to name conductors and insulators based on testing different materials as part of a circuit.  Also, we will be investigating switches and buzzers and applying them and our knowledge of them to our DT Topic.

In Computing, we will use both Microsoft Windows Photo Gallery and Microsoft Word.  We will be planning a photo shoot, using our iPads to take photographs.  We will then transfer these images to computers using a USB interface and edit our resulting images.

In Topic, we are travelling in our time machines back to the mysterious ancient Egyptian civilisation.  We will be looking at how the River Nile was vitally important to the ancient civilisation as well as looking at the social hierarchy that you would have found there.  We will be making our own papyrus paper to create cryptic hieroglyphic messages as well as looking at the Pyramids of Giza and why they were build.  Mummification was important in ancient Egypt and we will be looking at the process, mummifying our own items and creating our own canopic jars.

In P.E., we will be developing our athletics skills by focusing on the following: running for speed where we will be developing awareness of time, distance and speed; running over obstacles where we will be developing fluency and rhythm in our movements; running for distance where we will be developing an awareness of speed, pace and judgement; jumping for height where we will be learning a variety of jumping techniques and relays where we will be working together as a team.

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