Home Learning


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Welcome to Class 4M

Our class teacher is Miss Munshi.

Our teaching assistant is Mrs Birney.

Curriculum and Homework in Year 4

Each week we ask you to:

  • Complete your Spelling Homework and learn your Spellings
  • Read 3 times with an adult at home
  • Complete any SPAG Challenges set on SPAG.com
  • Achieve 1000 points on mathletics.com
  • Children may also be set a Cracking Comprehension task

If you complete all of these things and your name is in green on the traffic lights, you will enjoy your Golden Time!

Year 4 will be studying some very exciting topics this term!

In Literacy, we will be studying stories with historical settings. We will be investigating and comparing a range of  texts with historical settings, creating a historical setting and demonstrating how to organise a narrative into paragraphs.

We will conclude this topic by creating our own narrative set in an historical world, using the skills we have learnt throughout the unit.

In Grammar, we will be focusing on parts of speech, how to use adverbs effectively, using speech marks accurately and using synonyms to make our writing more interesting.

During this term in Numeracy, we will cover a variety of interesting topics. We will begin with place value and the importance of knowing the value of each digit in a number.  We will then move onto ordering and comparing numbers and using place value to add and subtract 1, 10, 100 and 1000 to any given number.

We will then focus on adding and subtracting using a written method.  We will apply all our knowledge to solving worded problems.

In Science, we will be studying sound.  We will find out what sound is and explain it through vibrations. We will find out how sound travels through fun experiments.  We will explore pitch and how to increase and decrease pitch.  We will also be seeing how to effectively soundproof a room for a rock group!

In Computing, we will be focusing on E-Safety and how to keep ourselves and others safe when using technology.

In Topic this term, we will be studying the mysterious and fascinating Ancient Egyptian civilisation.  We will be looking at the hierarchy of the people who lived in the society; the process of mummification and the gods and goddesses that were worshipped by the Ancient Egyptians.

In P.E., we will be working on invasion games focusing on basketball.