to Year 3S!

The Class Teacher Mrs Sidat

The Teaching Assistant is Mrs Gardener

The Learning Support Assistant is Mrs Aslam

This term our Topic is

Anglo Saxons

This term in Year 3 will be looking at the Anglo Saxons. We will be learning about who the Anglo Saxons were, where they came from and why they came to Britain.

Our Science topic this half term is

Forces and Magnets

In Science Year 3  will be learning what a ‘Force’ is.  We will compare how objects move on different surfaces and learn that some forces need contact between two objects. We will also be learning about ‘Magnets’ and how they attract or repel each other.  Also how they have two poles and whether two magnets will attract or repel each other, depending on which poles are facing.

In Computing this half term we will be learning about


In ICT we will be learning what ‘Algorithms’ are and we will also be using the software ‘Scratch’ to create algorithms.

Homework in Year 3

Each week we ask you to:

Complete your Spelling Homework and learn your Spellings

Read 3 times with an adult at home

Complete the Cracking Comprehension Task

Earn at least 1000 points in Mathletics

Complete any SPAG Challenges set on SPAG.com

If you complete all of these things AND you name is in Green on the traffic light, you will get to enjoy your Golden Time!