Welcome to Year 3B!

Our Class Teacher is Miss Brown

Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Majid

This term our Topic is

The Romans

During this term children will be finding out who the Romans were and where they came from as part of their first history topic of Year 3. Children will incorporate geography skills to learn which countries this powerful Empire invaded and why, as well as learning about the differences between Celtic and Roman life. Children will find out about this forward-thinking group of invaders who can be credited for building the first roads, introducing laws – and even early-day toilets!

We will also be exploring what life was like for a typical Roman soldier, what they wore and what weapons they would have carried, complete with real artefacts in class to enhance their learning. Children will begin to build an in-class timeline to help document their findings which will also see them explore the Romans’ latter days in Britain to include Hadrian’s Wall and find out why the female warrior Boudicca remains so famous! Exciting things to look forward to include  an in-school Roman workshop helping to bring the Romans to life as well as a chance for children to make their own Roman villa and mosaic.

Our Science topic this term is

Health and Nutrition (Animals including Humans)

We will be learning about ‘health and nutrition’ and why it is important to have a balanced and healthy diet through sorting, classification and a number of hands-on experiments. Children will look at food groups and their nutritional values whilst deciding on what constitutes a healthy meal. Children will be introduced to new fruits and vegetables and encouraged to swap sugars for healthy alternatives. Fitness is also a key part of the topic and children will be carrying out experiments to find out the benefits of exercise for a healthy body, heart and mind.

In Computing this half term we will be learning about


This half term we will be learning about what databases are and why they are used. We will also be sorting and inputting our own fields and records based on information that we have gathered.

In PE this term we will be taking part in:


As part of our PE this half term we will be building on our throwing and catching skills but incorporating running and jumping as part of our Athletics. Over the weeks children will develop flexibility, strength, control and balance to play competitive games. They will also continue to work on their attacking and defending skills both outdoors and indoors.  throwing and  learning how to send and receive a ball and catch with control. Children will evaluate their own success as they decide which skill is suited to certain sports. Children will be required to work both independently and as part of a team to complete the tasks whilst striving to achieve their best.

Homework in Year 3

Each week we ask you to:

Complete your Spelling Homework and learn your Spellings

Read 3 times with an adult at home

Complete any SPAG Challenges set on SPAG.com

Achieve 1000 points on mathletics.com

Children may also be set a Cracking Comprehension task

If you complete all of these things AND you name is in Green on the traffic light, you will get to enjoy your Golden Time!