Welcome to Year 3B!

Our Class Teacher is Miss Brown

Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Majid

This term our Topic is

The United Kingdom and the Lake District

This term children will be exploring the United Kingdom and its capital cities. Over the course of the term pupils will be taught to recognise the flags and emblems of the four countries of the British Isles before learning about how the countries are represented through the different flags and emblems. Children will also study famous landmarks of the UK’s major cities whilst becoming familiar with their locations on a map.

Map reading work is a key skill and children will be taught how to recognise the various symbols whilst they study the physical features of the land to include the mountains, lakes and rivers of the UK. During lessons, children will explore the North-West region and become familiar with its different counties.  As part of our local geography, children will learn about the Lake District and why it is classed as a National Park. Over the weeks children will use photographs to find out the many reasons as to why it is classed as a popular tourist attraction.

Our Science topic this term is

Rocks and Soils

Have you ever thought about what is under our feet? During the term children will become rock detectives as they explore what is deep below the Earth’s surface in order to investigate how rocks are formed and where they come from. Pupils will find out what rocks are likely to be found and what they are typically used for. Children will explore the local grounds to discover and identify the different types of rocks whilst being able to classify whether they are natural or manmade.

Children will also learn about the formation of different rocks and their classifications of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic and how their properties make them identifiable. Children will carry out experiments on the rocks to find out if they are permeable or impermeable as well as carrying out a hardness test. Children will also learn about fossils as part of the topic.

In Computing this half term we will be learning about

Programming & Development

Children will use their knowledge of algorithms learnt in the previous term to experiment with the ‘Scratch’ program as they develop their coding skills on computers in the school’s ICT suite. Children will learn how to create programs and write simple codes in order to achieve goals.

In PE this term we will be learning about:


As part of our PE we will be investigating and practising the various skills athletic sports require. Each week children will practise different ways of throwing, running and jumping before evaluating their own success as they decide which skill is suited to certain sports. Children will be required to work both independently and as part of a team to complete the tasks.

Homework in Year 3

Each week we ask you to:

Complete your Spelling Homework and learn your Spellings

Read 3 times with an adult at home

Complete any SPAG Challenges set on SPAG.com

Achieve 1000 points on mathletics.com

Children may also be set a Cracking Comprehension task

If you complete all of these things AND you name is in Green on the traffic light, you will get to enjoy your Golden Time!