Welcome to Year 3B!

Our Class Teacher is Miss Brown

Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Majid

This term our Topic is

The Anglo Saxons

This term we say goodbye to the Romans as we continue our journey through history. The year is 410AD and the Roman Empire in Britain has come to an end, yet children will explore which important group of people came to Britain following the Roman departure.

Who were the Anglo-Saxons and where did they come from? Why did they come to Britain? These are all questions that the children will investigate. Children will explore what life was like for the Anglo-Saxons whilst making comparisons with their predecessors the Romans. During the term children will continue to add information to their in-class timeline whilst delving into the Anglo-Saxon society and its hierarchy, their weapons and armour, home-life and religion. Were these people invaders or settlers? Importantly, what legacy did the Anglo-Saxons leave us?

Our Science topic this term is

Forces and Magnets

Children should put on their laboratory coats this term as they prepare to predict, compare, experiment and assess their findings in the topic ‘Forces and Magnets’. Children will investigate the question ‘what is a force?’ and experiment to see how forces are used every day. Why do we not float around like spacemen in space? What is gravity? As they learn about friction, children will explore the world around them as they use a range of experiments to find out how objects move on different surfaces.

Children are also introduced to magnetism as they continue to classify and compare. They will observe how magnets can attract and repel each other and explore reasons behind why, through a serious of experiments using everyday materials.

In Computing this half term we will be learning about


Having learnt about databases, children will move on to algorithms and their importance in everyday life. Children are introduced to new vocabulary and will experiment with the ‘Scratch’ program as they begin to understand coding. Children will learn how to write simple codes and explore how codes are used within technology that are relied upon each day.

In PE this term we will be taking part in:


As part of our PE this half term we will be building on our throwing and catching skills but incorporating running and jumping as part of Cricket. Over the weeks children will develop flexibility, strength, control and balance to play competitive games. They will also continue to work on their attacking and defending skills both outdoors and indoors.  throwing and  learning how to send and receive a ball and catch with control. Children will evaluate their own success as they decide which skill is suited to certain sports. Children will be required to work both independently and as part of a team to complete the tasks whilst striving to achieve their best.

Homework in Year 3

Each week we ask you to:

Complete your Spelling Homework and learn your Spellings

Read 3 times with an adult at home

Complete any SPAG Challenges set on SPAG.com

Achieve 1000 points on mathletics.com

Children may also be set a Cracking Comprehension task

If you complete all of these things AND you name is in Green on the traffic light, you will get to enjoy your Golden Time!