To Class 2B

Our Class Teacher is Miss Butler

Our Teaching and Learning Assistant is Mrs Patel

What’s Happening in 2B….

We enjoy a variety of topics in year 2 which involve lots of seeing, doing, experiencing and ‘getting stuck in’ with hands on learning to develop more independent thought and action.

Our Topic this half term is Castles


Throughout this half term your child will be learning all about castles. This is part of our history topic and we will be looking at the different features of a castles as well as the rooms and jobs in a castle. Your child will also have the opportunity to visit a castle on our trip to Clitheroe Castle.

In Science we are learning about

Plants and Trees

We will identify a range of different plants and trees through lots of hands on outdoor learning in our woodland habitat. The children will have the opportunity to develop their scientific knowledge by naming, sorting, planting, observing and testing.


Word Processing and Multimedia

We are looking at word processing and multimedia. The children will learn lots of new skills to use when working on the computer. Skills such as typing, editing, inserting and saving will be learnt throughout this half term.


Colour Mixing

We experiment with colour mixing and applying colours and paints in different ways. We also look at real life artists who specialise in this type of art.



In P.E we are looking at skills involved with invasion games! We will look at throwing, catching, moving, attacking and defending and game tactics.

Curriculum matrix

Useful Links

  • Learning Platform

    Lots of activities to support what we are learning in class can be found on the Learning Platform through our school website. Look in your child’s reading record for their username and password.

  • RM maths

    We use RM maths in our numeracy lessons. Check your child’s reading record for their username and password.

  • Reading Eggs

    Reading eggs is a great way to help your child learn to read. Look in your child’s reading record for their username and password.

  • Mathletics

    Log on through our school website or use the link below. Look in your child’s reading record for their username and password. Remember your child needs 1000 points to allow them to enjoy Golden time on Fridays.

Numbers Count

Numbers Count is a Year 2 intervention that helps children who have gaps in their maths knowledge. It is run by Mrs Jack (who is an accredited Numbers Count Teacher) in the Number Fun Room.

The children who take part have daily 1:1 lessons that help them to fill the gaps in their knowledge. All the lessons involve games and lots of exciting resources that help children to grasp numbers.

  • ICT games

    Lots of numeracy games that help children to practise their skills.