to 1H

The class teacher is Miss Horsfall.

The teaching assistant is Miss Siddiq.

Here is some more information about what we have been up to!

Our topic in Autumn 1 is: Toys!

We will be investigating old and new toys. We will be comparing them and looking at how they have changed over time, including the materials that they are made from. We will also be learning about Richard Steiff who is famous for making teddy bears. Our role play area is a Theatre with lots of different puppets that we can play with.

In Science we are learning about materials

We will be learning the names and properties of common materials and conducting investigations to decide which is the best material for a specific job.

In Computing we are learning about e-safety. We will be learning the importance of staying safe online and what we should do when we are on the internet. We will be making our own e-safety rules for our class I-Pad corner.

Curriculum Matrix 17-18